Community Health Programme

To serve the community from which we came has been atmost goal of our beloved Chairman Dr. R. Yakaiah in attempt to fulfil this goal RVM Charitable trust & Medical College was started. Being meticulous worker he did not stop at this, in order to reach poorest of the poor, needy & hard to reach rural areas he started Community Health Programme.

Community Health Programme is a unique concept in which medical students from the day one are exposed to the community. The programme is conducted under the guidance & supervision of Dept of Community Medicine.

The Programme is aimed to reach every household & do basic health survey which includes taking demographic, socio economic details, medical history, history of immunisation, family planning practices, environmental conditions & sanitary practices. Once the details are taken education regarding necessary changes is given. Any medical help needed is given under expected advise & patients needing case are referred to the hospital.

Every week specify topic is chosen to educate the people. Which helps them to prevent disease. In this way we aim to increase awareness among the people about common disease & prevent them.

This programme not only provides health education & health facilities to rural people but it also helps the students to develop communicative skills, empathy towards rural people & cover the gap between rural people & modern ,medical field.

Date Batch. No. Roll. No. From - To Village No. of Houses Covered Faculty
06-11-2016 I 1 to 30 Laxmakkapalli 1 to 90 All
13-11-2016 II 31 to 60 Laxmakkapalli 91 to 180 Dr. MadhuSudhan
20-11-2016 III 61 to 90 Nagireddypalli Irregularly Covered Dr.C.K. Reddy, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
27-11-2016 IV 91 to 120 Nagireddypalli 1 to 99 Dr. Aruna , Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
04-12-2016 V 121 to 150 Mulugu AWC I 1 to 170 Dr. MadhuSudhan, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
22-01-2017 I 1 to 30 Mulugu AWC I & II AWC 1: 171 to 299(128),
AWC II: 300 to 322(22)
Dr. Aruna , Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
29-01-2017 II 31 to 60 Mulugu AWC II AWC II:323 to 473 (150) Dr. Aruna, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
05-02-2017 III 61 to 90 Mulugu AWC II AWC II:474 to 624 (150) Dr. Aruna , Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
12-02-2017 IV 91 to 120 Banda Narsampally AWC I: 1 to 160 (150) Dr. C.K.Reddy, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
19-02-2017 V 121 to 150 Adavi Majid AWC I: 1 to 196 Dr. C.K.Reddy, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
05-03-2017 All Absentees Previous Absent 14 students Kotyala 170 Dr. C.K.Reddy, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
30-04-2017 I 1 to 30 Bailaampur 1 to 50 Dr. C.K.Reddy, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
07-05-2017 II 31 to 60 Bailaampur 51 to 110 Dr. C.K.Reddy, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
14-05-2017 III 61 to 90 Mamidyala 1 to 100 Dr. Aruna , Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
11-06-2017 IV 91 to 120 Mamidyala 100 to 180 Dr. C.K.Reddy, Mr.Swapnil Paunikar
18-06-2017 V 121 to 150 Ali Nagar 1 to 100 Dr. Aruna , Mr.Swapnil Paunikar

Ali Nagar, Camp on 18th June 2017

Mamdial, Camp on 11th June 2017

Mamdial, Camp on 14th May 2017

Bailaampur, Camp on 07th May 2017

Bailaampur, Camp on 30th April 2017