Medical Education Unit

Toll Free Contact: 1800-425-8688

Contact Details of Dean of College: Dr. O. Shravan Kumar

Details of MEU Members

Dr. Dr.O. Shravan Kumar, Officer in charge, Dean

Dr. Kranthi Tekulapally, MEU Coordinator, Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Dr.V. Prasanna, MEU Co Coordinator, Professor & HOD Department of Pharamacology


Dr. K. Vijaya Lakshmi , Professor, Department of Pathology

Dr. Varun vijay Gaiki, Professor of Community Medicine

Dr. Vamshi Krishna Kondle, Professor, Department of Paediatrics

Dr. B. Shashidhar Reddy, Associate Professor, Department of General Medicine

Dr. E. Ajitha, Associate Professor of Microbiology

Dr. T. Srinivas, Associate Professor of General Surgery

Dr. K. Soujanya, Asssistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Dr. B.S. Sairam Tejas, Assistant Professor of ENT

Dr. Gowthami, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Aims and Objectives of Medical Education Unit are

  • To organize / depute the teachers for teaching training in RTCs recognized by MCI and see to it that all the faculty have undergone training.
  • To conduct inhouse Medical Education Workshops.
  • To invite renowned personalities (National & International) to address the teachers and conduct workshops.
  • Bring in newer methodology of teachings/learning, assessment within the prescribed guidelines of MCI.
  • Emphasize on Vertical and Horizontal integrations.
  • Facilitate exchange programme of teachers for the Global experience in Medical Education.
  • Encourage teachers to take up research in Medical Education.
  • Develop methodology to maintain high quality in teaching/learning (Quality Control).

Meetings are held on

Dates Topic
20-02-2016 (CME) Stress Management
12-04-2017 Lesson Plan
26-04-2017 Learning Doamins
10-05-2017 Teaching & Learning Methods
05-07-2017 Teaching & Learning aids
09-08-2017 (CME) Diabetes Mellitus
07-02-2018 Recent laboratory Diagnostics in
Mycobactrium Tuberculosis
10-04-2018 Lesson Plan
14-06-2018 Learning Doamins
03-09-2018 Radiant Thinking and Mind Mapping
05-11-2018 &
Workshop - Powerpoint creation & Presentation
01-04-2019 Infection Control
23-04-2019 Revised Basic Course Workshop Programme Conducted on 23,25 &27th April-2019
19-06-2019 Revised Basic Course Workshop Programme Conducted on 19,20&21st June-2019, MCI Approved
25-06-2019 Curriculum Implementation Support Programme Conducted on 25,26&27th June-2019, MCI Approved
11-07-2019 Interactive Session on "Orientation for Resource Persons of Foundation Course-I"
25-07-2019 Interactive Session on "Orientation for Resource Persons of Foundation Course-II"
14-08-2019 Interactive Session on "Renal Disorder"
14-11-2019 Recent advances in management of Diabetes Mellitus on the occation of "World Diabetes Day"
31-01-2020 Mentoring of UG Students
06-08-2020 Curriculum Implementation Support Programme - I Conducted on 6th & 7th Aug-2020, (Online)
05-01-2021 Curriculum Implementation Support Programme - II Conducted on 5th & 6th Jan-2021
01-11-2021 Discussion to Finalize date for RBCW for Faculty Development
15-11-2021 RBCW Conducted on 15th, 16th & 17th Nov,2021
06-01-2022 Framing Timetable for 3rd MBBS Part-I (2019-20) Batch Students
10-02-2022 Planing of Foundation Course for (2021-22) Batch Students
30-06-2022 Reallocation of MEU Regional Centre
03-08-2022 Workshop for PG Students Dissertation Topics
04-08-2022 Workshop for PG Students Dissertation Topics
06-09-2022 Conduct of Faculty Adoption Program
04-10-2022 Re-constitution of Medical Education Unit as per NMC Guide Lines
16-03-2023 Conduction of workshop on research methodology
28-04-2023 New NMC guidelines for faculty development programme
29-08-2023 Implementation of Mentorship Programme
25-09-2023 Condution of Foundation course for new batch 2023
01-12-2023 To Nominate the faculty members for basic course in Medical Education at Gandhi
13-12-2023 To Nominate the faculty for Advance course in Medical Education at Nodel Center, Christian Medical College
04-01-2024 To Nominate three participants for CISP-III at regional center
08-03-2024 To furnish details about curiculam committee & Re-constitution of MEU
10-06-2024 To Nominate three participants for CISP-III from curiculam committee

Integrated Teaching

Dates Topic
02-01-2017 Hypertension with MI
06-02-2017 Jaundice
02-03-2017 Thyroid & it's functions
24-04-2017 Diabetes Mellitus
08-05-2017 Female Reproductive System
01-12-2017 AIDS
05-02-2018 Shock
24-03-2018 Tuberculosis- It's Presentation,
Diagnosis & Treatment
02-04-2018 Clinic Pathological Correlation Meet
25-04-2018 World Malaria day Seminar
05-04-2019 Foundation of Hepatology
18-07-2019 BREAST - Benign Breast Diseases
06-08-2019 Carcinoma of Breast
15-11-2019 Shock
01-12-2019 Awareness on HIV/AIDS on WORLD AIDS DAY
05-02-2020 On BREAST Diseases
19-02-2020 Low Back Ache
26-02-2020 CME on BIOPSY Specimen
27-09-2021 Malaria
10-11-2021 Interesting Case in Dermatology
10-11-2021 Small Molecule EP2 receptor antagonists to treat Epilepsy and Alzheimer's Disease
22-06-2023 SHOCK

The hard copy of the minutes of the meeting is available with principal office