Medical Education Unit

Toll Free Contact: 1800-425-8688

Committee Members:

Chairman : Dr. A. Hemanth Rao, Principal/Dean - 9849194753
Co-ordinator : Dr. V. Prasanna, Professor & HOD - 9848028351
Co-coordinator : Dr. Anthony David Professor & HOD - 9177801726
Members :
Dr. M Ramulu , Professor & HOD (Gen.Surgery) - 9848064074
Dr. Krishna Murthy, Professor & HOD, Department of Microbiology - 9160160441
Dr. K. Ashalatha, Professor & HOD, Department of Anatomy - 7702586330
Dr. L. Rajeshwar Reddy, Professor & HOD, Department of Physiology - 9848391769
Dr. Manjula, Professor & HOD, Department of OBG - 8106123715
Dr. K. Vijaya Lakshmi, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology - 8019461161
Dr. K. Narsimloo, Professor & HOD, ENT- 9848025670
Dr. K. Swetha, Associate Professor, TBCT - 9666680582

Aims and Objectives of Medical Education Unit are :

  • To organize / depute the teachers for teaching training in RTCs recognized by MCI and see to it that all the faculty have undergone training.
  • To conduct inhouse Medical Education Workshops.
  • To invite renowned personalities (National & International) to address the teachers and conduct workshops.
  • Bring in newer methodology of teachings/learning, assessment within the prescribed guidelines of MCI.
  • Emphasize on Vertical and Horizontal integrations.
  • Facilitate exchange programme of teachers for the Global experience in Medical Education.
  • Encourage teachers to take up research in Medical Education.
  • Develop methodology to maintain high quality in teaching/learning (Quality Control).

Meetings are held on :

Dates Topic
20-02-2016 (CME) Stress Management
12-04-2017 Lesson Plan
26-04-2017 Learning Doamins
10-05-2017 Teaching & Learning Methods
05-07-2017 Teaching & Learning aids
09-08-2017 (CME) Diabetes Mellitus
07-02-2018 Recent laboratory Diagnostics in
Mycobactrium Tuberculosis
10-04-2018 Lesson Plan
14-06-2018 Learning Doamins
Integrated Teaching
Dates Topic
02-01-2017 Hypertension with MI
06-02-2017 Jaundice
02-03-2017 Thyroid & it's functions
24-04-2017 Diabetes Mellitus
08-05-2017 Female Reproductive System
01-12-2017 AIDS
05-02-2018 Shock
24-03-2018 Tuberculosis- It's Presentation,
Diagnosis & Treatment
02-04-2018 Clinic Pathological Correlation Meet
25-04-2018 World Malaria day Seminar

Meetings are held on : 09/01/2018

Agenda :-

  • 1. Discussion of Academics of 2nd MBBS
  • 2. Discussion of topics to be conducted as CMES regularly.
  • Minutes of Meeting :-

  • 1. The HOD's of Departments of Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology & Forensic Medicine are reviewed about the academic performance in the tutorial sessions and class tests which are held on weekly basis.
  • 2. There is an interexchange of views of faculty on the syllabus to be covered in the coming two months
  • 3. 3. It is decided to conducted integrated Teaching Programmes periodically encouraging the student participation actively
  • 4. For CME programmes the latest clinical, diagnostic & therapeutic aspects of common disorders affecting our society will be chosen. It is decided to CME programmes periodically by the subject experts of respective topics.
  • Meeting Conducted on 07-02-2018 (CME)
  • The hard copy of the minutes of the meeting is available in principles office