1. PATHOLOGY Hematological Parameters & Vitamin B12 Levels in Type II Diabetic Patients on Metformin - A Prospective Case Control Study JUL 2018 Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Koduri
Dr. Srinivas N. S. Nori
Dr. Aditya
Dr. Sai Rama Krishna K
Dr. Suhas Madaboina
Dr. Sindhuja A. B. K
Dr. Swati Sappa
2. PATHOLOGY Study of Morphological Patterns and Prevalence of Anemia: A Study from a Teaching Hospital in Rural Telangana DEC 2017 Dr. Srinivas N.S. Nori
Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi
Dr. Ramana Kumar
3. PATHOLOGY A study of estrogen and progesterone receptor status in breast carcinoma and its correlation with tumor grading SEP 2016 Dr. K Vijaya Lakshmi
Dr. K Rama Devi
4. PHARMACOLOGY Case Report Baboon Syndrome with Paracetamol OCT 2018 Dr. Roopa B.
Dr. Sangeeth Kumar K.
Dr. P. Mary Rohini
Dr. Prasanna V.
5. PHARMACOLOGY Comparative Study of Efficacy and Safety of Azilsartan with Telmisartan in Hypertensive Patients MAY 2018 Dr. Sashidhar Reddy
Dr. Mary Rohini
Dr. Prasanna
Dr. Rakesh
Dr. Lokesh
6. PHARMACOLOGY Comparison of Pattern of Self-medication among urban and rural Population of Telangana state, India NOV 2017 Dr. Mary Rohini Pentareddy
Dr. Prasanna Vedula
Dr. Roopa B.
Dr. Jagadish Chandra L.
Dr. S. Amarendar
7. PHARMACOLOGY Diclofenac Induced Urticarial Angioedema : A Case Report MAY 2017 Dr. Mary Rohini.P
Dr. Shashidhar Reddy
Dr. Prasanna.V
Dr. Sangeeth Kumar.K
8. PHYSIOLOGY Supplement of Zinc in Acute and Chronic heat stress on antioxidant changes in wistar albino rats Dr. B.A.Madhuri
Dr. Anthony David
9. PHYSIOLOGY Gender variation in Electrodermal Activity in response tocold pressor test DEC 2018 Dr L.K.Sumitra
Dr M.Swetha
10. PHYSIOLOGY Effect of Isotonic Exercises on Pulmonary Function Tests FEB 2018 Dr L.Rajeshwar Reddy
11. PHYSIOLOGY Effect of moderate exercise on Antioxidant and free radical status in Females OCT 2016 Dr Puli Sreehari
Dr L.Rajeshwar Reddy
12. PHYSIOLOGY Variations of Respiratory Movements based on the type of Chair used DEC 2018 Dr L.K.Sumitra
Dr M.Swetha
13. BIOCHEMISTRY To Assess the Levels of Lipid Profile, Uric Acid, Albumin / Globulin Ratio and Trace Elements in the Serum of Psoriasis Patients FEB 2018 Dr Pratyusha
Dr Sashidhar Reddy B
Dr Sangeeth
14. BIOCHEMISTRY Correlation between Magnesium Levels and HbA1C in Controlled and Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes NOV 2018 Dr Sashidhar Reddy B
Dr Pratyusha Pavuluri
Dr Sarat Chandan T
Dr Rakesh Shetty